=- James Cameron wrote on Wed 18.Jul'07 at 19:57:21 +1000 -=

> > - How has the organisation changed to establish an authority to
> > define netrek and control approved clients?
> Four of us agreed to begin to set policy.

That's great news, at last.

> I don't have the exact date, is it important?

Need not be exact to the minute, but day, week, month, yes, because
if it was made public by one of you at some point in _any_ way, I'd
like to track down _how_ I missed that.
 If it wasn't made public, why not?

My awareness of that could have avoided all the annoyances and/
because of mis- understandings in the past 3-4 months, if I would
have known about it earlier; it all started and was about the
_apparent_ lack of it.

> > - Where/ what/ who is the authority that has appeared since then?
> Carlos, Dave, Karthik and myself, in private communication.

I see privacy helps keeping the noise out, but are there some
results made public for everyone to know what you guys are up to?
If not yet, when?

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