Michael Denison wrote:
> Even when the server claims "2%" packet loss, every 30 seconds
> or so my tactical will fill up with stale torps and my galactic
> will have a giant phaser flying aorund the screen. But I can't hit
> full update enough, because I'm told to be quiet.

Which client is this?  What mode is it operating in?  TCP, UDP, short
packets, or normal packets?

Torpedo removal from screen on the normal packets is handled in either
of two ways:

1.  for torpedos that don't hit anything and are not self-det'd, the
status is set to TFREE and included in an SP_TORP_INFO packet, 

2.  for torpedos that explode by det or hitting ships, the status is to
to TEXPLODE in an SP_TORP_INFO packet, but the TFREE is never seen, and
the client is required to time it.

I suspect this might be a bug.  I wonder if it relates to Michael's

> Can we increase the full updates now that there is no longer a
> load issue with modern equipment, or possibly even make them
> automatic for clients every 10 seconds?

We should better understand the cause.  Requesting updates is just a
hack.  Can he provide a recording?

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