I agree it is an old OS but I am finding people still using it.  Seems like 
a lot of people in countries outside the U.S. still use it and also students 
who have had computers given to them and can't afford to upgrade.  I 
remember the days of having to eat top ramen and hot dogs so I can relate.  
If the problem is with the installer or any of the VB apps I would like to 
either use a different installer or modify the VB apps to help accommodate 
these users.

I thought XP Mod with the installer and config utility worked on 
Windows 98 in 2004 but I have applied some great MS service packs for Visual 
Studio since then and I am wondering if I got hit with the typical results 
of a Microsoft update, fix one thing and break another.


>From: "John R. Dennison" <jrd at gerdesas.com>
>To: Joe Evango <jjadeinc at hotmail.com>
>	Might I enquire as to why you are concerned with '98?  The OS
>	has not been supported for a long time, it's legacy, and people
>	need to upgrade to a supported OS.

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