Latest additions to XP Mod (double buffering IIRC) made it
only playable on XP/2000 + systems. Microsoft do not backport newer
SDK functions to not supported OSes.

If you want to play on Win98 you should either use older versions of 
NetrekXP (not sure if they are still available on or
use COW instead (it should work on any windows system that has cygwin 


On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Joe Evango wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [netrek-dev] Need help troubleshooting a Windows 98 problem
> I agree it is an old OS but I am finding people still using it.  Seems like 
> a lot of people in countries outside the U.S. still use it and also students 
> who have had computers given to them and can't afford to upgrade.  I 
> remember the days of having to eat top ramen and hot dogs so I can relate.  
> If the problem is with the installer or any of the VB apps I would like to 
> either use a different installer or modify the VB apps to help accommodate 
> these users.
> I thought XP Mod with the installer and config utility worked on 
> Windows 98 in 2004 but I have applied some great MS service packs for Visual 
> Studio since then and I am wondering if I got hit with the typical results 
> of a Microsoft update, fix one thing and break another.
> -Joe
> >From: "John R. Dennison" <jrd at>
> >To: Joe Evango <jjadeinc at>
> >
> >	Might I enquire as to why you are concerned with '98?  The OS
> >	has not been supported for a long time, it's legacy, and people
> >	need to upgrade to a supported OS.
> >
> >
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