On Mar 14, 2007, at 3:29 PM, Stas Pirogov wrote:

> The board actually includes yourself as well. Everyone who comes to
> discuss netrek development issues is "the board member". You can  
> create
> whatever borgs you want and everyone can play them on servers that
> don't require RSA. If you passed James/Carlos and got your key on
> key server - you can play anywhere.

To clarify, some servers may not have RSA on but do NOT allow borgs.  
The primary Bronco servers, pickled and continuum, fit this  
definition, or they would not be listed as Bronco servers.

The primary reason RSA is currently disabled on pickled is due to  
MacTrek players who can't verify properly yet. When they are able to  
verify and sufficient time has passed for them to upgrade, I envision  
re-enabling RSA. This is less to prevent borg clients (a motivated  
individual can bypass RSA without too much trouble), but more to keep  
everyone on the same clientbase (and a clientbase that has been  
vetted and agreed upon not to be a borg) and allow easy  
identification of clients.