=- Stas Pirogov wrote on Wed 14.Mar'07 at 21:29:30 +0200 -=

> The best definition of borg that I think I heard of is "If the
> change provided gives advantage to clued player over newbie - it
> is borg, if not - it's ok".

That's bad, because _everything_ is more useful to the cluebie
than to the twink. Cluebies always have a head start. What kind of
useful feature would be more helpful to a newbie than a cluebie?

> The board actually includes yourself as well. Everyone who comes
> to discuss netrek development issues is "the board member".

Well, ideally this is true, but there are those who provide the
infrastructure, and they therefore have more to say than others,
or at least they are to be convinced if something is supposed to
change. If they don't support it, then it fails. Nobody can tell
them what to do with their resources.

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