On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Stas Pirogov wrote:

> Well, I'd say if you will ask such questions on r.g.n. you will see 10 
> different answers from 5 people :)

That's because on this list there are primarily developers and on rgn 
there are primarily players. In general the client and server developers 
have always been people who don't play the game very much or if they do 
(like Trent and Bill) they care more about having their client be the most 
popular one than bothering about the game balance and since a borg feature 
has been implemented in another blessed client they feel no harm can be 
caused by putting that feature in their own client since it's "already out 

But today hardly anyone plays. It doesn't matter if something as stupid 
as, for instance, 50 UPS would "ruin the game" because there's pretty much 
nothing of it left. Big changes change the game in a big way, and we end 
up with a new game entirely (like with the 5->10 UPS change) and at this 
point in time pretty much nothing bad can happen. So I say, bring on the 
borgs. Bring on the big game altering changes.

-- Niclas (Trent hates me)