On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Rado S wrote:
> I'd like to understand why people prefer to slow down progress for
> no benefit _to anyone_, or what this benefit to the netrek
> community is and therefore why the "lock-down" attitude should be
> supported/ tolerated by the community.

Here's a thought Rado, maybe the whole world doesn't revolve around you?
Maybe I couldn't care less whether you want an open source client or not.

Around ten years ago, I was frustrated with the near zero pace of client
development.  No one had released an update to the paradise client for
several years.  There were bugs that were unfixed.  Good ideas that weren't
implemented.  I was unhappy with the netrek clients available to *me* and I
wanted a better one.

At this time, as is the case now, there were several windows only clients
that were getting more attention than the clients available for Linux.  I
did not want to best netrek client to be windows only.  And Rado, unlike
some people, I do more for open source operating systems than just whine.
I decided that the best netrek client would be Linux only, and I set out to
create it.

And, at least in my mind, I achieved that goal long ago.

I released my client, even thought it was great deal of extra work to do
so, so that other Linux users wouldn't have to suffer with sub-standard

I used to release the source for everything I wrote.  Then people started
putting them names on my code and pretending they wrote it.  So I decided
to stop releasing what I write.  It pisses me off to be plagiarized and by
not releasing my code (which is mine to do with as I please, you have no
right to tell me what to do) I avoid that situation.

I don't release my code anymore because of how it effects me.  I do not do
it to personally spite Rado S; I do not care what he thinks.  If I don't
help the netrek community more than I do, and I've put more open source
code into the server than you have Rado, then that's just too bad.  Maybe
you should be happy with what you get and stop acting like you are entitled
to more.

> We should struggle together, not against each other.

> I remove the link to his page from paradise.netrek.org, for the
> little that it may be worth.

If you think your spiteful, and hypocritical, action will make me want to
release my source, you are quite mistaken.

And quite frankly, your borg speculation is simply clueless.  I document
all my new features meticulously.  Where do you think Bill gets all my
ideas from?  If there are secret borg features, what are they?  Is there
some conspiracy among all the people who have used the client to keep them
secret from Rado S., Borg Patrol Officer?