On 3/17/07, Karthik Arumugham <karthik at karthik.com> wrote:
> I propose the following, based off RadoS' idea of extra information
> for new players:
> Newbies get a downgraded ship. No matter what ship type they choose,
> they end up in a CA. This CA will have det own disabled, and if you
> are > 2/3 CA phaser distance from the nearest enemy, your torps will
> linearly go down in speed to a minimum of 67% until you reach 4/3 of
> CA distance from an enemy ship, at which point they will not slow
> further.

Some good ideas. How would this newbie mode be enabled though? I've
seen clue-in-hiding login with newbenice and playnetrek.org. Perhaps
the login screen could have this as an extra option? Forcing them into
the same login would not be good since newbies tend to want their own
names. Would this be client independent? I think the best way to
attract newbies is on significant client development but I know others

While we're giving extra info to newbies I propose we pop up a window
explaining how to send messages to the different boards and what is
the enemy (how often we've seen newbies shooting at their own
teammates), how to move (this is very common to see newbies just
sitting there motionless firing), and how to fire weapons. These seem
to be the most common newbies problems. If you don't want the message
coming up in the client then perhaps have a link on the login screen
(i suspect most newbies don't bother reading the motd) to a webpage
explaining this all (ideally with nice screens shots).