> 	Anyone coming into the game on the observer port is put in
> 	the observer queue and marked as an observer.  You /do/,
> 	however, still need to join a team.
> 	Most observers enter via right-clicking on a server name in
> 	the metaserver list.  How are you archieving the same thing?

for now you have to type :2593 behind the server name (default is 2592)
i think i'll add a button for observer to accomplish that.
> 	metaserver.netrek.org is a round-robin DNS (apparently) pointing
> 	to sage.real-time.org and orion.netrek.org.
> 	metaserver.us.netrek.org points directly at sage.real-time.com, and
> 	metaserver2.us.netrek.org points directly at orion.netrek.org.