On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 02:05:51AM -0400, Andrew K. Bressen wrote:
> Something I do not have documented on the website 
> which is bound to come up is:
>   how do you change a password?         (can this even be done by a player?)

	Send the message "password new_password new_password" to 
	yourself while in the game, replacing "new_password" with
	your desired new password.

>   how do you ask for a password reset?  (send mail to the admin?) 

	That procedure is fine with me for base-practice; as long
	as the person mailing me can convince me that they are the
	actual character owner.

>   how do you view the player database on a server? 

	If the server is running the RSA key updater with the option
	to update the MOTD it will present various stats in the server's
	MOTD.  warped has it enabled if you want to see the output

	There is also a 'scores' port (tcp/2590) that can be enabled
	that is supposed to list names, hours, planets, bombing, 
	offense and defense stats for the entire player database.

	No server I am aware of has this enabled at the moment.

	Also, I just enabled it on my dev server and it appears not
	to work any longer.  I get this:

    Name             Hours      Planets    Bombing    Offense    Defense
    Totals              0.00         10         10         10         10

	Other then these 2 methods there is no way for a player to list
	the player database that I am aware of.

> (like, can I find out who has the highest kill ratio or kph on a given server?)

	I have been playing around with a simple stats program, but it's
	very low on my priority list.


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