=- ChronosWS wrote on Tue 29.May'07 at 13:45:53 -0700 -=

> - Eliminate any need to run multiple clients

Which pays off only if you have >2 servers to track.

> - Eliminate any need to jump through hoops, sending special
> messages to remove you from queues - players don't need to know
> this, they just want to play a game.

There can always be a button added which internally sends the magic.

> - Provide players with the functionality they want, which is to
> join a game (ANY game) in the style of their liking, NOT just to
> join a game on a particular server. As developers, we must
> understand how to separate concerns, not expect players to do it.

But you have to change some stuff for either way.
I don't mean to give up on your ideal solution.
I'm merely suggesting that while waiting for it the other solution
could be easier to put into action and cover the time until the
ideal solution works, since the code is already there (in some way).

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