Well, that's awesome, as well as a great guide on where to look to see 
where speed, direction, and everything else is set. I think we should 
disable weapons as well-- don't want the draft area filled with a bunch 
of phaser lines (like during an INL pause).  Not sure where to do this.

Team Captains will still need their tractors to draft a player, maybe 
modify interface.c as at the end of this email?  Or would the captains 
simply always have a flag of INL_DRAFT_OFF, enabling movement?

I would propose an additional (albeit slightly redundant) flag 
INL_DRAFT_CAPTAIN, as we may want to confine their movement to some 
middling ground during the draft process, and could use this do it.

Of course, we could also simply do comparisons to p_inlcaptain, but I'm 
not sure that's in the spirit of the p_inl_draft variable.


Near Line 307 in interface.c:
void tractor_player(int player)
    struct player *victim;

+    if (me->p_inl_draft != INL_DRAFT_OFF) 
+	if (me->p_inlcaptain != 1) 
+	  return;

    if (weaponsallowed[WP_TRACTOR]==0) {

Not sure how that would be implemented just yet.

James Cameron wrote:
> How is this for a navigational interlock ...
> /* INL draft states for p_inl_draft */
> #define INL_DRAFT_OFF            0 /* not involved */
> #define INL_DRAFT_MOVING_TO_POOL 1 /* in transit to pool */
> #define INL_DRAFT_POOLED         2 /* in pool of players to be chosen */
> #define INL_DRAFT_MOVING_TO_TEAM 3 /* has been chosen, in transit to team */
> #define INL_DRAFT_TEAMED         4 /* has been chosen by a captain */
> During a draft, no speed may be set.
> During a move, no direction may be set.  This helps prevent interference
> with the navigation to the pool or team galactic area.
> Therefore while pooled or in a team, the ships may fiddle with their
> shields and rotate to indicate they are present.
> I envisage the ships all on the tactical and all safe from damage.
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