> > 2.  the alternate tactical layout you've started on,
> > 
> > 3.  use of normal ship navigation rather than my "transwarping".
> I'd like to work on both of the above.  Order of preference is to complete 2 first (as its very nearly done), and then tackle 3.

Ok, had a look at the latest and greatest.  I've added some code to finish the player positioning after picks, based on pick sequence; added code to set p_inl_pick_sequence.  I'm considering giving the variable double duty before picks, to use it to randomize the positioning in the player pool.  Correct would probably be to add a new variable, but this seems a waste.

As for #3, I didn't realize we could do j->p_dir = xxx.  I've modified the code to spin the ship around as its moving, like I've been wanting to do.  That was the only reason I was considering switching to desdir and desspeed, so I see no reason to do that now.

I'll have to wait til I get home from work to submit a patch (~7 hours from now-- 6 PM EST).   So far, all modifications have been to draft.c.  I think I'll take a look at animating the plasma thing I was thinking about earlier over lunch.

Other features to consider are a timer on captain picks, the penalty being a random pick, and a hold on the draft process until all players are in the player pool (especially for the case when a player quits, new player joins, and they're warping to the pool).