On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 08:42:43AM -0400, cflrich at cfl.rr.com wrote:
> ---- James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote: 
> > 1.  the INL robot vote to start a draft,
> I thought this was completed?

No.  I've tested, and "DRAFT" is not a recognised command for a captain.
Perhaps one of your patches didn't get to me?  Have a look at my darcs
repository and see.  There is a do_minidraft() function but it is not

"tools/setgame inl-draft-on" works fine in the meanwhile, for testing.

> > Test code is now in setship to change a slot from observer to player
> > and back.  Seems to work alright.
> This is functional?  Because this is awesome, and opens up all kinds
> of opportunities-- > 16 slot drafts, for example.  Definitely
> something I'd like to take a look at once we get the basic version
> here tweaked.

Yes, it functions.  It is not adequately tested though.  I've done some
tests and so far no problems, but players are better than my testing

Currently the code is activated by: "tools/setship N observer" and
"tools/setship N player" where N is the slot number or letter.  Having
it activated by the captain doing the draft is the next thing.

I've tested it with COW on Linux.  Swapping a slot into and out of
observer mode seems to have no undo effect on the client.

On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 11:33:50AM -0400, cflrich at cfl.rr.com wrote:
> Ok, had a look at the latest and greatest.  I've added some code to
> finish the player positioning after picks, based on pick sequence;
> added code to set p_inl_pick_sequence.  I'm considering giving the
> variable double duty before picks, to use it to randomize the
> positioning in the player pool.  Correct would probably be to add a
> new variable, but this seems a waste.

Don't worry about the waste.  Let's add a new variable.
p_inl_pool_sequence.  This is so that a reject (should we finish that
part of the code) puts them back in the same place.

> I'll have to wait til I get home from work to submit a patch (~7 hours
> from now-- 6 PM EST).

Ugh.  You need a portable vm.  If this happens again, just mail me the
whole source file.  ;-)

> Other features to consider are a timer on captain picks, the penalty
> being a random pick, 

Is that really necessary?  The captains are in charge.  If they need to
talk something over, it is better in my opinion to let them.

> and a hold on the draft process until all players are in the player
> pool (especially for the case when a player quits, new player joins,
> and they're warping to the pool).  

Well, if they are transwarping to the pool the draft isn't over, and
they can be chosen by the up captain even while they are moving.

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