On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 09:09:44PM -0700, Rich Hansen wrote:
> Yeah, forgot to update inlcmds.c.  You should have a patch for this 
> now.  Command is "MINIDRAFT".

Command is now DRAFT following IRC discussion.

> Still have to do something about players who enter mid-draft, 
> however.  I didn't address that (yet).

I've tested that, they appear with INL_DRAFT_OFF, and since GU_INL_DRAFT
is set the inl_draft_update() brings them into the pool.

> I can certainly imagine cases where it would be necessary.  Certain 
> players may use the draft time inappropriately otherwise (to discuss 
> strategy or assign roles, say).  The above is certainly true, however.  
> If they need to talk things over, we should supply them with a command 
> to suspend the draft (pausedraft?).  I'll put that on my mental to-do list.

I'd rather not have the draft timed at all.  We already rely on the
captain, and let them drive the other processes to completion (race
selection, trades, game time selection, start).

> > Well, if they are transwarping to the pool the draft isn't over, and
> > they can be chosen by the up captain even while they are moving.
> True.  I suppose the captain should be reading; there is a message to 
> all when a player joins.

The captain will also see the transwarping ship streaking across the

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