Xbox console has usb connectors for keyboard or mouse. No reason the
client controls can't be modified and adapted to the standard XBox
controller, which I would favor personally since it would gain traction,
and Xbox users wouldn't reject. Xbox I would guess could probably run the
latest windows client.

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  =- Kelly Cromwell wrote on Wed 2.Apr'08 at 11:46:43 -0600 -=

  > Just curious if anyone has ever suggested/attempted to move netrek
  > to xbox live arcade? I think it would be an amazingly popular
  > title. If anyone is working on it i'd love to become a part of it,
  > if not perhaps i'll spear head it!
  > who's interested?

  I know little about xbox: how will you control the ship?
  (speed, direction, aiming with 2 weapons, other functions all listed
  in the on-line help)

  (Oh, and it's netrek with 1 "t")

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