My understanding is that the Xbox360 does not support USB keyboards.

As far as the suggestion goes: what a truly excellent idea.  The
client would have to be modified and somewhat dumbed down to work with
the Xbox360 controller, and communication would be difficult without
the chatpad attachment, but I think it could definitely be done.

Left trigger phasers, right trigger torps, right button lock-on, left
button plasmas.  A button toggle shields, B button Det, X button
cloak, Y button transwarp.  Just some simple suggestions.  The left
analog stick could be speed (would be hard though, perhaps use the pad
below it to increment speed or have fixed speed settings), right
analog stick direction.

I'd recommend using separate servers though to host it, as you
wouldn't want a horde of new players pouring onto an established
server.  There's no reason regular clients couldn't connect to the new
servers though.  Would be an easy way to advertise the game and
regular clients, and to be honest it sounds like fun to me to sit on
my couch and get owned by clue.  :)


On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 1:46 PM, . . <msucka0xff at> wrote:
>  Xbox console has usb connectors for keyboard or mouse. No reason the client
> controls can't be modified and adapted to the standard XBox controller,
> which I would favor personally since it would gain traction, and Xbox users
> wouldn't reject. Xbox I would guess could probably run the latest windows
> client.


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