Quoting Jeffrey Watts <jeffrey.w.watts at gmail.com>:

> My understanding is that the Xbox360 does not support USB keyboards.

Lord no, then.  Netrek really needs a real mouse and keyboard.  I've
tried playing on laptop eraser mouses, and trackpads, and it just
isn't feasable.

On top of that, player messaging is vital, and you currently need a
keyboard for that.  "use voice!" you say?  Only works if everybody has
voice capabilities.

On top of that, Netrek is rather dense screen.  I figured one needs at
least a 900-1000 pixel high screen with small fonts to be useful, and
for that you'll need progressive scan for those small fonts.  Although
HD TVs are becoming more and prevalent, you couldn't play this on a
regular TV, or even a 720p flatpanel.

--Carlos V.