Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Apr 2008, Mark Mielke wrote:
>>> - For most people (everyone but the super clue) written communication 
>>> in netrek is not received (read) by everyone at the same time. Most 
>>> people read messages when they have the time.
>> This is because people are lazy - not because they wouldn't benefit from 
>> hearing the messages sooner.
> No. It's because reading messages while playing is a skill that is 
> learned. Most of us that have played this game for over ten years can see 
> and identify a dist.carrying message in the corner of our eye while 
> dogfighting because we recognize its pattern.

It must be learned, because it is unnatural and impractical. People 
train to make it natural and practical.

>>> - Written communication is very many times faster to receive (read), 
>>> especially in netrek.
>> No it isn't.
> So what you're saying is that you read slower than you talk. Fine. 
> However, that is not true for most people.

Not exactly, but essentially, yes. I'm also going to say that taking 
your eyes off the tactical/galactic to read messages could easily mean 
you miss somebody uncloaking on your 6 which might be enough time for 
them to put one more torpedo in you than you can withstand with their 
exploding ship destroying you. You have multiple senses. If you are 
going to claim that ignoring one of the senses is more efficient - you 
have nowhere to go with this, because it makes no sense.

>  but if 
> people think it's going to help game play then they are wrong, at least as 
> far as experienced players are concerned. It may be easier for a complete 
> newbie to play the game with voice communication though. A voice channel 
> would pretty much only be good for chatting. If one or more voice channels 
> are added to the game and newbie players like you think this is a new way 
> to communicate in-game specific things to your team mates (instead of 
> using RCD's) then that would be bad for the game.

My experience is that experienced players already do voice chat - 
whether via VoIP or whether sitting in the same room swearing at each 
other for screwing up over a monitor in the same room.

I think your platform is extremely thin, and question why you would 
resist that possibility that voice would benefit an experienced person.


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