Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> The team aspect of netrek is what makes it great. It's the best team game 
> ever made. The communication is a big part of the team aspect of netrek 
> and as such the netrek communication system with macros will always be 
> unsurpassed in efficiency simply because sending macros will always be 
> faster than talking and reading macros will always be faster than 
> listening to someone talk.
It's a good game when played well. Best team game ever is a stretch. 
That it is inaccessible to many in terms of entry requirements is a 
major problem that is forcing your "best team game ever" to disappear as 
each player from 1990 or so grows up to have a family or play other 
games (I do both - my sons and I love playing games together). New blood 
is minimal or non existent, and by retaining the aspects of Netrek which 
discourage new membership, or that prevent new membership from obtaining 
a level of competency which you consider "clue", it's only a matter of 
time before the last server is shut down for good.

You keep challenging my experience - I played Netrek 10+ hours a day for 
probably 3 out of 5 days most weeks of the year for 4 years. Back then I 
had no responsibilities. I was changing the server and client source 
code. My father and I "broke" the reserved.c in use at my father's 
company as a training excercise (took all of about 15 minutes - most of 
which was me learning for the first time :-) ). I don't care if you are 
the best dog fighter in the world - your "clue" superiority is a 
problem. It limits your field of view, and it makes people like me want 
to walk away. That I haven't played more than 10 games in 5 years is 


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