Hi all. My name is Ameer Armaly, and I am a blind programmer. I recently came across a reference to Netrek from a friend who told me that it would b e nice to make it playable by the blind through the use of stario sound and speech.
So I started researching: at a glance, there seems to be no definitive protocol reference. If someone could point me to one that would be great; I could then write a whole new client with speech support. Failing that, what would be the best client to modify for the windows operating system? Preferably, it should use windows standard controls wherever possible so that any changes I make are relatively clean as opposed to having to rip out the whole UI. For example, I have seen that some clients do not present the list of servers in an actual list box; this would have to be modified for optimal accessibility.
Any advice you all could lend would be appreciated.

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