Ameer Armaly wrote:
> Hi all. My name is Ameer Armaly, and I am a blind programmer. I 
> recently came across a reference to Netrek from a friend who told me 
> that it would b e nice to make it playable by the blind through the 
> use of stario sound and speech.
> So I started researching: at a glance, there seems to be no definitive 
> protocol reference. If someone could point me to one that would be 
> great; I could then write a whole new client with speech support. 
> Failing that, what would be the best client to modify for the windows 
> operating system? Preferably, it should use windows standard controls 
> wherever possible so that any changes I make are relatively clean as 
> opposed to having to rip out the whole UI. For example, I have seen 
> that some clients do not present the list of servers in an actual list 
> box; this would have to be modified for optimal accessibility.
> Any advice you all could lend would be appreciated.

If you were truly trying for an interface accessible to the blind - I 
would skip the GUI altogether.

I don't see how this would work though. There's no way you could dodge 
20 incoming torpedoes by sound alone.


P.S. My father is a completely blind software designer.

Mark Mielke <mark at>

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