Interesting. I'll have a look at this Python client;  otherwise the best bet 
may be to role my own from scratch.  My intent is to combine stario sound 
with screen readers or other speech technologies in order to communicate the 
relevant information to the player.
For what it's worth, here are my current ideas based on my study of the game 
as well as similar accessible games. These are naturally subject to change 
based on future results. If you have any thoughts, I would appreciate 
hearing them.
1. Torpedos: Indicate their angle through stario position, and distance 
through any or all of pitch, rate of beeping, and volume.
2. Other ships: Indicate their angle through stario position. Indicate size 
via different sounds for each. Indicate distance through volume. Indicate 
team through a view command that speaks it as well as all of the above.
3. Tracking: provide a means to track any object so that it's angle relative 
to the player's ship and distance are updated regularly through speech. 
Provide a means to calculate a firing solution of some sort as well.
4. Planets: Identify planets primarily through speech. Indicate orbit 
through speech as well. Indicate bombing through sounds and indicate 
progress through speech.
5. Messaging: Precede reading of the message with a sound, and provide a 
nice pop-up window to type in custom messages.
Thanks to everyone for your advice. I will keep you all informed of any 
progress I make.