Zach Uram wrote:
> Ah I see. Another idea I had was breaking the game board up into
> uniform squares and then specify heading that way. Besides navigation
> it could be used to identify enemy and friendly ships. Needless to say
> such a client will have to be borg to give the needed functionality
> but I think playing netrek sightless is enough of a challenge so I
> for one would notr dare begrude them borg features. You could also
> specify velocity so a player might here "F2 warp 9 sector 3,2", with
> stereo you could use one channel for navigation and weapon alerts and
> the other for team messages etc.

Hey in softball there is a "pinch hitter". Why not be able to give 
directions to a tactical officer that happens to be automated? :-)

As long as the tactical officer is not TOO good... :-)


Mark Mielke <mark at>