=- James Cameron wrote on Tue 19.Feb'08 at  8:50:30 +1100 -=

> It is also an attack vector, and fixes are welcome. Such as
> closing metaserver to new servers, only allowing solicitation from
> authorised servers.

Hum, but what advantage would solicitation have over the old
workflow of signing up with the metaserver admins, if it required
manual admission again?

> > Can you please remove the current entries for "sun36" on all
> > metas now once manually, please?
> I've restarted the one that I run.

On there is also hockey.tamu.edu down all the time I
checked, but the timer for refresh gets reset after 30 ("down").
With solicitation, wouldn't it make more sense to drop those "down"
noted servers and let them re-register once they're back up?

> > I learned from Psychosis that servers listed via solicitation
> > remain persistent on the metas even after shutting down for
> > good. That's ... bad. :(
> They will drop off the list within a day or so, assuming that
> there is no server listening on the host.

That's what I assumed, too, based on the comment in the "howto"...
but orion is still listing it even after a full day and more now.

> > Then, can the metas drop servers which haven't reconnected for
> > some time period, like 1h?
> The metaserver source is in a darcs repository:
> http://james.tooraweenah.com/darcs/netrek-metaserver/

As far as I understand, it's already in there.
 So it must be something specific to orion.
Maybe orion has different code or configuration besides:
policy.c: if (sp->player_count == 0 && age > (60*60*6)) return 0;

BTW, it reported "Nobody playing" while my server actually was
completely out of business. Wouldn't "no connection" be more
Does the "Status" indicate host or server status?
Is there a distinction possible between "host unreachable" and
"server down"?

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