it is an original problem, however, suggesting to rest the case with
a workaround rather than a fix.
Just because I'm the only one reporting it doesn't mean it would
affect just me.
The "side-effect of concentrating players on well known servers" by
not solving the 2 issues is again rather a workaround (and indirect
policy choice) than a real solution to establish some direct listing

However, I see that the interest is generally low, so I cease my

> > This might be a problem: you quickly pick up any issue, solve it
> > your way, and nobody else feels the need to participate.
> Good point, I'll try to stay quiet for a couple of weeks hoping
> for others to solve issues.

I, too, hope for more caretakers.

> > Could you handle key-management (i.e. client approval) with the
> > same efficiency, since it's basically about code control, given
> > how well you're organized for code review?
> No. It isn't about code control alone, the job would also require
> running clients on various operating systems. I'm just not set up
> for that.

Uh, why other platforms?
Isn't it enough to see the "core" is OK and once it passed ask for
others with access to required platforms to help out?
Porting should not be as much a problem as understanding the meaning
for code changes, which you can do well.

Anyway, you could start out small with what you _can_ do, and let
others follow slowly.

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EVERY effort counts: at least to show your attitude.
You're responsible for ALL you do: you get what you give.