On Mar 7, 2008, at 8:48 PM, netrek at gmail.com wrote:

> -	- robots are not recognising Cas, reported by KaraokeBar, Australia,
> +	- robots are not recognizing Cas, reported by KaraokeBar, Australia,

You are aware that different parts of the world use different  
spellings for certain English words such as recognize/recognise,  
factorize/factorise, etc, of which you have "fixed" quite a few  
occurrences, correct?

Please back out your patch and re-record it without such changes. I do  
not believe that we should be forcing American English on non-American  

I also see occurrences of you having used ispell to correct legitimate  
spelling errors, but then you have ignored other errors that are on  
the exact same lines, causing me to wonder how closely you reviewed  
the changes being made:
-    Enable vie #deinfe GOAL_CLEAR
+    Enable vie #define GOAL_CLEAR

(This should obviously be "via" rather than "vie", even though vie is  
of course a legal English word.)

If you are going to undertake a project to fix spelling, please do it  
in a sane fashion that involves more than just the use of a  

You have also committed a patch which creates a "TESTING" file for  
testing purposes; something of this nature should not be in a public  
repository that you expect other people to ever pull patches from.

I do not believe that this repo should be included in the repos list  
until useful patches are committed to it that have been signed off on  
by other active developers. I, myself, do not yet see any patches in  
this repo that meet that criterion.