Rado S wrote:
> I asked independently of my person and not for myself alone or in
> particular.
> It's pointless to discuss any specifics as long as there is a strict
> "no way" lingering around. Once this is cleared up, we may
> continue with the details of who and what.

Rado: It's also pointless to speak in generalities. If you have 
something that is reasonable, and you put up, I'm sure all will agree 
with you and let you have your way.

As is it, I see only you debating trivial points with the current owner 
of our respect, to no end that I would agree with, so from my 
perspective, you aren't earning any respect, and as a vote, I implicitly 
vote that whatever James says goes. You are not going to get allies with 
the path you have been taking.


Mark Mielke <mark at mielke.cc>