=- Mark Mielke wrote on Fri 21.Mar'08 at 12:37:18 -0400 -=

> Rado S wrote:
> > I asked independently of my person and not for myself alone or in
> > particular.
> > It's pointless to discuss any specifics as long as there is a strict
> > "no way" lingering around. Once this is cleared up, we may
> > continue with the details of who and what.
> >   
> Rado: It's also pointless to speak in generalities. If you have
> something that is reasonable, and you put up, I'm sure all will
> agree with you and let you have your way.

As a matter of fact, I was speaking very specifically with James.
I wonder why anyone else was speaking up talking about generalities
before he replied, given that he is the only one doing anything.
Don't jump the gun, guys.

> As is it, I see only you debating trivial points with the current
> owner of our respect, to no end that I would agree with, so from
> my perspective, you aren't earning any respect, and as a vote, I
> implicitly vote that whatever James says goes.

Fine, so let him speak for himself.
I never assumed James couldn't speak for himself.

> You are not going to get allies with the path you have been
> taking.

Nor did I assume that either of the 2 of us needed allies.
Is somebody under attack?
If so, who is attacking who by what?

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