Personally I think Rado is trying to address some important issues, some
that may have existed for a very long time and has held netrek
development back since the change of the old guard to the new through
over 12 years of evolution. For example, when I returned after a hiatus
with purpose of developering cool things and going in some new direction,
I found surprise at unusual resistance and rejection of my efforts from
administrators, and an inner clique which left me out in the cold. This
was rather frustrating to me, since I operated on the assumption that my
work would and should be adopted quickly. I am not certain Rado is
addressing these same issues, but as far as I can tell it seems to be
along these lines.


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  On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 09:18:27PM +0100, Rado S wrote:
  > =- Jeffrey Watts wrote on Fri 28.Mar'08 at 1:48:00 -0500 -=
  > > Anyhow, I'm going against my better judgment to try to explain
  > > this to you again.

  And I am going against my better judgement against feeding
  the trolls.


  For the past few months you have eaten my bandwidth and cost me
  time (and in my business, time is money) wading through your
  posts in the hope that there might be some hidden nugget
  of value buried within.

  Time after time I have been disappointed to find that my
  initial hunches were right and it's just more wasted

  I am now joining James in procmail'ing your posts to
  a black hole for a month.

  You just don't take the hints. You don't listen and/or
  learn. You are doing nothing but wasting my time, yet

  Please, save the bandwidth and the time for everyone else
  on this list by not replying to this message.

  See you in a month.


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