> Personally I think Rado is trying to address some important issues, 
> some that may have existed for a very long time and has held netrek 
> development back since the change of the old guard to the new through 
> over 12 years of evolution. For example, when I returned after a 
> hiatus with purpose of developering cool things and going in some new 
> direction, I found surprise at unusual resistance and rejection of my 
> efforts from administrators, and an inner clique which left me out in 
> the cold. This was rather frustrating to me, since I operated on the 
> assumption that my work would and should be adopted quickly. I am not 
> certain Rado is addressing these same issues, but as far as I can tell 
> it seems to be along these lines.

Just like any other open source project - "cool things" are not always 
desired. If you went to the Linux kernel list and presented yourself the 
same as Rado, demanding for somebody in authority to offer volunteers to 
work on your favourite whizbang feature, the reaction would be far more 
hostile than we see here.

There are people that put up, and there are people that talk. As far as 
I am concerned, James has been putting up. I find myself continuously 
confused over what Rado is asking for (over months or years?), and see 
him being critical of James and existing process. My first reaction will 
definitely be to challenge Rado under these circumstances.

The last time I attempted to contribute code here, I believe the 
reaction was generally welcome, with concerns about my choices, and a 
request that I come back once I had worked some details out, or consider 
keeping the patches separate as they were not universally appreciated. I 
was listened to, I believe one patch may have made it in, and I have 
kept some patches separate. I was not part of an "inner clique" - and 
beyond being a person who still reads this list and responds, I don't 
think I am currently part of any "inner clique".

I merely don't like my mailbox being spammed by somebody presenting an 
unknown position over dozens of messages, that try as hard as I might, I 
still cannot understand. It's possible I am stupid and that Rado is so 
far advanced in comparison that anything he says will blow right past me 
- but I don't truly believe this, and I believe the reaction of others 
coincides with mine.


Mark Mielke <mark at mielke.cc>