On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 02:16:30PM -0500, Bob Tanner wrote:
> On 2009-04-30 10:19:39 -0500, Joe Evango 
> <joe at romulus.netrek.org> said:
> > Would it be possible to fix this issue without updating the client?
> Short answer: no

	Less short answer.  If this is affecting a large portion of the
	user base then thought need be given to putting a dns hack in place
	to address it.  While users should always keep up to date
	with software patches and new versions, in the real world that
	is not the case; users should not be expected to update due to
	an infrastructure change of this nature.

> Long answer: Still no. :-) The metaserver entries are hard coded into 
> the app, need to change the code to change the entries.

	I still do not understand this level of poor design; why in 
	the world would a developer not use the public service names
	and instead hardcode the underlying hostnames?  In any event,
	forcing users to update their own is a pipe dream; if the client
	had auto-update machinery it would be different.

	Note: not singling out MacTrek here; I am unaware of any client
	that has update notification / auto-update features.

> Gerdesas and Quozl can give stats on MacTrek clients, just skimming 
> irc, it's very few. While it's nice to have stuff on apple.com, most of 
> it is pretty crufty. Most times I download apps from there first thing 
> it does is auto-update

	Netrek can't afford to lose even a fraction of mactrek users.

	Client counts are at http://netrek.gerdesas.com/
	New format results are at: http://netrek.gerdesas.com/new/

	March stats just posted, I seemed to have forgotten about them
	until now.  "Opps".


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