> Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 15:40:01 -0500
> From: jrd at gerdesas.com
> To: netrek-dev at us.netrek.org
> Subject: Re: [netrek-dev] conflicts with mactrek and metaserver change?
> 	Less short answer.  If this is affecting a large portion of the
> 	user base then thought need be given to putting a dns hack in place
> 	to address it.  While users should always keep up to date
> 	with software patches and new versions, in the real world that
> 	is not the case; users should not be expected to update due to
> 	an infrastructure change of this nature.

Agreed. Was hoping some type of dns change could be made to accommodate users that have already downloaded the client. 

My understanding is there are a lot of Mactrek users. I am unsure how many would make the effort to investigate the issue, my guess is not many.  


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