WOO. Good job Bill.

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Bill Balcerski" <billbalcerski at gmail.com>
> To: "Netrek Development Mailing List" <netrek-dev at us.netrek.org>
> Cc: netrek-forever at googlegroups.com, paradise at lists.netrek.org
> Subject: [netrek-dev] Netrek XP 2010 client released
> Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 17:55:00 -0400
> Greetings,
> I've released the latest version of the Windows client, which has been
> renamed to Netrek XP 2010.  This version has many bug fixes, especially for
> paradise.  There is also support for the latest and greatest server features
> including newbie tips, variable ranks, and in-game ltd stats. The client is
> available for download at www.netrek.org and www.playnetrek.org.  Changes
> and fixes are as follows:
> Netrek XP 2010, Version 1.0: (Released July-2009)
> General bug fixes:
> 1) Many paradise bugs fixed.
> 2) Many cambot bugs fixed.
> 3) Fixed phaser draw bug with weaponsOnMap:off.
> 4) Fixed double buffering bug which was causing performance issues on
> certain hardware configurations.
> 5) Fix bug with custom color palette (forcedisplay = 2) which caused local
> window to have a red background.
> 6) Fixed bug causing ship values on dashboard to not display properly when
> upgrades were bought in sturgeon.
> 7) Fixed bug where font size was not saving properly.
> New features:
> 1) Warning messages are no longer logged.  Cuts down on logfile spam.
> 2) Add hint about options menu to the startup hint list.
> 3) Cambot playback now works for paradise recordings made by paradise
> clients.
> 4) Removed RSA verification as this is now deprecated server side.  Using
> new client identification method as defined in server.
> 5) Added netrekrc option "autoPhaser" to phaser exact location of enemy
> target (enemy ship or enemy plasma) closest to cursor.  Can target cloaked
> ships.  Enemy must be within phaser range of your ship.  Only works if
> server has feature packet F_auto_weapons enabled.
> 6) Added support for server feature packet SP_RANK.  This allows the rank
> table to be dynamic rather than static.  In short, it allows servers to have
> more or less ranks than normal.  Practical application - grand admiral rank
> on sturgeon now displays correctly in player list and rank window.  And rank
> window now properly displays offense requirements for rank.
> 7) Added support for server feature packet SP_LTD.  This allows detailed
> stats to be sent to the client.
> 8) Added netrekrc option "metaBroncoOnly" to only list Bronco/INL servers in
> the list of servers provided by the aggregate metaservers.
> 9) Added support for server feature packet TIPS.  This clears the MOTD
> window and provides tips on how to improve your play based on data the
> server records of your current session.
> 10) Added netrekrc option "showTips" to choose whether or not to display the
> server tip messages supplied by TIPS.
> 11) Client version info now has 1 letter identifier to show where client was
> downloaded from (p = playnetrek.org, n = netrek.org, d = download.com).
> 12) Addition of Netrek XP specific metaserver to the metaserver list, to
> work alongside the default netrek.org metaservers.

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