BRMH is long overdue for some overhauls, so I've been doing some work  
on it lately. I just pushed 2.6.0-pre20090729 as a (hopefully) stable  
snapshot, with the goal of doing an actual 2.6.0 release in the next  
few weeks. There was never an official 2.5.0 release; the last real  
"release" was 2.4.0 in early 2000. However, 2.5.0 has been in a semi- 
official "public beta" state with occasional updates since then, so  
I'm bumping the version to 2.6.0 for this release, especially since  
2.5.0->2.6.0 is going to be more major of an update than 2.5.0 has  
been over the 9 year span since 2.4.0 came out.

BRMH currently lives at I am only  
supporting binaries for Linux (x86 and x86_64) and Mac OS X (x86/PPC  
universal) at the moment, since it doesn't make sense to support 15 OS/ 
arch combos anymore (that's not a joke even—I literally did > 15  
different builds of 2.4.0.) The code will live on Launchpad shortly,  
at least as a mirror of the current dev tree.

Changes from 2.5.0 (20080828) to the current 2.6.0-pre20090729  
snapshot, as well as todos/known bugs:

General changes:
- Removed RSA and added extended version string support, as RSA is  
- Added support to re-enter from the MOTD after death by hitting the  
space bar
   with the same ship/race as the previous ship
- "lag (st. dev.)" in the ping stats window is now "stdev (rtt)", as  
"lag" is
   a very poor and incorrect definition of round trip time variation
- The "new" playerlist introduced in 2.5 is now default; the old  
behavior can
   be restored from the options screen or in the rc file (specifically,
   "sortPlayers" and "sortPlayersObs" now default to "on" instead of  
- Added IPv6 support (note: temporarily removed from the 20090729  
- Default cloaked ship characters on galactic changed to '><'
- Sample xtrekrc with appropriate 2.6 settings included (plus a DDuddy  

Code changes:
- Handle unknown feature packets more gracefully
- Removed mp/gmp support as these are no longer needed after stripping  
- Deprecated specific Ultrix build support, as it was RSA-specific
- Removed various miscellaneous RSA-related code that is no longer  

TODO for final release of BRMH 2.6:
- Finish IPv6 support (testing requires finishing IPv6 support in the  
- Fix bug where nearby ships might not show on the tactical upon entry  
   a ship action packet is sent to the server
- Auto-close tactical/galactic info and other dialogs after a user- 
   period of time, defaulting to leaving them open until closed as  
- Fix TTS (may be pushed to a future release depending on complexity)
- Display slot # along with ship speed with none, either, or both  
- Respond to pig call
- Clean up included xtrekrc and include 1280x1024+ version

Future features:
- Add optional background starfield support
- Add sound support

Changes from 2.4.0, as it's the last real release, to the latest 2.5.0  
"release" (20080828):

General changes:
- Updated maintainer address
- Display ship speed next to own ship on tactical instead of player  
- New sorted player list, displays enemy team(s) first, then own team,  
   observers (enable "sortPlayers: on" and "sortPlayersObs: on" in  
your rc)
- Show 0.00 kills as blanked out in the playerlist instead of showing  
   or "-.--"
- Updated default metaserver to
- Keyboard torpedoes now autorepeat with the minimum server torp delay
   regardless of keyrepeat delay
- Clock can be reset to zero (default 'K')
- Support metaserver strings for INL, Sturgeon, and Other
- Cloaking graphics last correct duration (was broken since change  
from 5ups
   to 10ups)
- Support for "username:" line in rc file to set username

Code changes:
- Compiles on MacOS X
- Removed dependency on user-installed libgmp on MacOS X
- Made PI longer for no specific reason
- Fixed multiply-defined and used qwin variable that caused crashes  
(one qwin
   is now quitwin)
- Removed strdup() code
- Support FPS and UPS feature packets