On Mon, Jun 01, 2009 at 05:21:55AM -0400, Zachary Uram wrote:
> I converted the SGML file to HTML and updated some of the information
> in the HOWTO.
> Can pull changes from:
> http://darcs.jesujuva.org/netrek-server-metaserver/

Huh?  This is a repository derived from netrek-server that has been
named netrek-server-metaserver ... why?  We've already got a repository
for the metaserver, see

On the assumption that it is a derivative of my netrek-server
repository, I tried to pull from it, but there are no changes.

host:~/netrek-server$ darcs get . /tmp/ns
Finished getting.                                                          
host:~/netrek-server$ cd /tmp/ns                                 
host:/tmp/ns$ darcs pull http://darcs.jesujuva.org/netrek-server-metaserver/
No remote changes to pull in!                                            

So it looks like you have not recorded any changes.

I found the only SGML source file in my repository was an outdated
version of the Metaserver HOWTO, which has since been superceded by the
text file in the directory above.

is the SGML source file in your repository.  It is identical to the
source file in my repository.

is the currently maintained text file in your repository.

is an HTML version of the SGML source file in your repository directory
but not added to darcs.  This file is an output file from
linuxdoc-tools, according to the header.

The darcs repository is for source files, not output files, so I won't
accept a patch that adds this HTML file.

In summary, you've compiled the SGML to HTML then edited the HTML output
... why?  Why not change the SGML input file?



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