On Jun 17, 2009, at 1:55 PM, Bob Tanner wrote:

> $ ./metaget
> r,3
> continuum.us.netrek.org,2592,3,384,0,0,B
> pickled.netrek.org,2592,3,11,0,0,B
> pickled.netrek.org,2592,3,20,0,0,B
> Why is pickled listed 2 times, same port, but different flags?
> Mostly curiousity question.
> I was using the hostname+port as the key into a dictionary lookup, I
> assumed hostname+port would be unique for listings in the metaserver?
> Bad assumption?

Oops. After a bit of digging, it turns out that it was because I  
rebooted the box that pickled used to be on until a couple days ago,  
as I just recently moved it to a different server. There was still an  
auto-startup script for pickled in place on the old machine.

Now, this still requires someone to connect to it to make it  
solicit...and for some reason, orion.netrek.org has been connecting to  
it and thus starting the daemon and making it solicit, for reasons  
unbeknownst to me. Anyways, I've killed the server and commented out  
the auto-startup script, so you should be able to restart the meta and  
have the duplicate go away.