On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 11:17:50PM -0500, tanner at real-time.com wrote:
> Tue Jun 16 23:15:13 CDT 2009  tanner at real-time.com
>   * clean-up-in-source-detection-of-rsa.patch

Taken, pushed to my branch.

This branch still doesn't work on Linux, and I've not yet figured out
why.  The symptom is that the client is given a stream of about 6000
bytes of zeroes, instead of the Netrek protocol packets.  The overall
size seems about right.

I've fiddled around with tcpdump, strace and gdb.  tcpdump shows the
zero data sent.  strace shows the zero data is sent using write(2)
against the TCP socket by the ntserv.  gdb shows the various functions
that send packets are building correct packets and calling the function
to drop them into the buffer.  Therefore it is something mysterious
about gwrite or the buffering.

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