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Date: Mon, May 18, 2009 at 12:50 PM
Subject: [netrek-forever] Netrek for the iPhone
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An iPhone Netrek client would quickly add at least thousands of
players, not to mention whomever wrote it would very likely get rich
quick even if you sold a $0.99 version :)

As it seems the Mac client is already written in Objective C that's
probably a huge jump start. What license is that code under? I suppose
you could still sell it if it's GPL, you'd just have to release the

It would indeed be the ultimate iPhone game - especially if you could
have a stand alone mode which was just bots.

We all know that an iPhone has many times the computing power needed.
The trick would be a clever UI though this is where the touch screen
and gestures get really exciting.

Ideas (please add your own)
* stand alone mode so you don't need a network or server necessarily
* touch and drag your ship ( a vector indicating speed would appear)
the longer the drag the greater the speed.
* tap to fire torpedos
* tap with two fingers for phaser
* pull three fingers straight down for repair mode
* twist two fingers clock wise for shields up
* twist two fingers counter clockwise for shields down
* just like photos of course two fingers squeezing out would be zoom
in - opposite zoom out
* you can swipe to flick between galaxy overview and close in view

* the only thing that's not obvious is how to communicate, but you
could have the canned messages easily enough - 'transporting 4 armies
to earth'

Anyway these are just a few quick ideas. I'm sure you guys can come up
with better ones. Here is a mockup:

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More info: http://tinyurl.com/netrek

Of course the thing that can't be stressed enough is that the
refreshed StarTrek franchise is creating a whole new fan base and
revitalizing the old one. Free marketing galore :)

Good times!

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