> Hi

I did some testing already, it's doable, but still a huge effort the  
API is quite different, and the GUI useless

> An iPhone Netrek client would quickly add at least thousands of
> players, not to mention whomever wrote it would very likely get rich
> quick even if you sold a $0.99 version :)

Hehehe.. there;s an incentive though you will run into problems with  
the licence

> As it seems the Mac client is already written in Objective C that's
> probably a huge jump start. What license is that code under? I suppose
> you could still sell it if it's GPL, you'd just have to release the
> source.

No you can't, but you could charge packaging/service cost as e.g.  
SuSE, Redhat etc. does

> Ideas (please add your own)
> * stand alone mode so you don't need a network or server necessarily

Not my top prio :-) but it would not be too difficult
> * touch and drag your ship ( a vector indicating speed would appear)

good idea, i was thinking about tilting the phone, left/right top/ 
> * tap to fire torpedos
> * tap with two fingers for phaser

the latter would never be accurate, you could consider some logic,  
which based on distance switches automatically to phasers, alas that  
would be rather borgish.
> * pull three fingers straight down for repair mode
> * twist two fingers clock wise for shields up
> * twist two fingers counter clockwise for shields down

i've not figured out how to get those events (yet) but i like the idea

> * just like photos of course two fingers squeezing out would be zoom
> in - opposite zoom out
> * you can swipe to flick between galaxy overview and close in view
ticking a planet means lock? (and when carrign send the carry message  

> * the only thing that's not obvious is how to communicate, but you
> could have the canned messages easily enough - 'transporting 4 armies
> to earth'

text to voice for incomming messages is very nasty, scrolling a few  
lines takes to many pixels, recode the strings or RCM to sounds or led  
like controls is hard and unfriendly.

You could think of runnning a dedicated server just for iphone  
clients, which allows people to play with other clients or not, i  
agree with John that the game would be unbalanced with different  
clients, but it may not be a bad thing. Let the first version be  
called "MacTrek Scout Bomber" and limit the ship choice, that reduces  
a lot functions they may need, allows for an unbalanced client and  
offers an upgrade path.

I think there are a number of scenarios:

1.) dedicated server (hence every one has the same limitations, but  
users may move over to Netrek over time)
2.) mixed server with limited iphone clients
3.) mixed server with different iphone clients, these clients  
compensate their lack of features with some "borg"  features. It will  
be hard to create balance with this road, and controversial in the  
Netrek community.



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