Zachary Uram wrote:
> I was told by Quozl that the canonical way to stop the Vanilla server
> was to run:
> "setgame terminate"
> And I recall this working a year ago, but now it doesn't:
> zu22 at debian:~/vanilla/lib/tools$ ps axu |grep netrekd
> zu22      4249  0.0  0.1   2156   512 pts/0    S    03:07   0:00 ./netrekd
> zu22     13205  0.0  0.2   3912   740 pts/0    S+   05:24   0:00 grep netrekd
> zu22 at debian:~/vanilla/lib/tools$ ./setgame terminate
> Warning: Daemon not running!

It has successfully stopped the server daemon.  That is all it is for.
netrekd is not the daemon.

> So if the canonical method for stopping the server changed could
> someone tell me what is the new method?

It depends on what you mean by server.  There are at least three servers
involved in a Netrek Server.  There is the connection listener netrekd,
there is the universe simulator daemon, and there is the per-connection
task ntserv.

Before a game, only netrekd is active.

During a game, all three are active.

If you mean netrekd, the canonical method has not changed, and there are
no plans to change it:

	% netrekd stop

However, stopping netrekd does not stop a game in progress, nor should
it.  All it does is close the door to new connections.

I suggest you fix README.developers and submit a patch, thanks.  Use
darcs and emacs.  Or darcs and vi.  Or darcs and ed.  But do it.

Collin Pruitt wrote:
> "killall netrekd" works fine for me.

This is effectively what "netrekd stop" does.

> (also, Canonical is a sponsor of Ubuntu, it is Ubuntu)

"canonical" is a word that predates the corporation of which you speak.

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