On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 04:10:43AM -0500, Bob Tanner wrote:
> Starting new thread.
> > For your interest, my wife was sitting there writing something on our
> > MacBook, and the fan was spinning like crazy.  SSH'd in, and found
> > MacTrek had left behind a newstartd and was repeatedly forking "players
> > u unknown", which was failing and causing a crash process.
> Looks like the server gets started in ServerControllerNew.m, quick look 
> makes it seem pretty light on coding, like stuff is missing.

Reviewed, looks okay to me.  Start, stop, nothing much more is
necessary.  The killall is reasonable too, but it would have been better
to use "setgame terminate" ... and newstartd should have stopped itself
unless there were multiple instances accidentally started before the
pidfile was written.  Hmm.

Summarising, a start should be "newstartd", and a stop should be
"setgame terminate ; newstartd stop".

> > I don't *know* that MacTrek will always do this.  I thought of checking
> > the server code base used, but there is no source for it in the MacTrek
> > repository.  Puzzling.
> svn co https://mactrek.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mactrek/trunk mactrek
> That didn't pull the 1.4.0 code base for you?

It did, yes, but not the server source.

> But I also see Resources/PRECOMPILED/INTEL and what looks like all the 
> server stuff there, pretty tired right now, but I'll look to see if the 
> xcode project compiles that. Seem odd that precompiled binaries come 
> down with a svn checkout.

Exactly.  So how do we fix a server problem on the embedded server?
With players u crashing, for instance.

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