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> On both, sometimes upon entering the game, a hint would appear
> on the tactical screen. Not in a hint box spanning the tac and
> galactic, but entirely on the tac sceen, with no obvious way to
> remove it. Redraws of screen objects would erase the hint as a
> word written on sand being erased by waves, so that after flying
> around enough, all trace of the hint was gone.

Known client bug, fix committed to the repository in March 2010. A solution
to prevent the bug from happening is to turn hints off client or server

As for:

"On XP today, I observed that if a player had the help screen up
when they were killed, it remained up on the team select screen,
would not go away with h being pressed, and only the quit button
could be used, not a team selection button.

I didn't try to verify this with repitition."

Cannot repeat entirely.  Help window cannot be closed at the team outfit
screen, this is by design and has always been that way.  However, I am able
to freely reposition the help window if it is blocking team select windows,
and able to use team select buttons as normal.

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