On 2/28/2012 6:49 PM, Andrew Sillers wrote:
> Hello Netrek devs,
> I've been playing around with some JavaScript libraries for HTML5 
> canvas drawing, and I feel fairly confident that it would be possible 
> to make browser-based a Netrek client.  The browser could use 
> WebSockets to communicate with an intermediary WebSocket-based Netrek 
> server.
> [[Browser client]] <---WebSocket connection---> [[WebSocket server]] 
> <----real TCP connection----> [[Regular Netrek server]]
> The intermediate WebSocket server would be quite thin; it just needs 
> to catch WebSocket messages from the client and forward them to the 
> actual Netrek server.  (I believe this roughly is the model that 
> freeciv.net <http://freeciv.net/> uses for their browser-based Freeciv 
> client.) The WebSocket server and the actual server could be run on 
> the same host or different hosts, which means anyone who can set up a 
> WebSocket server could connect their browser client to a real Netrek 
> server.
The instant the WebSocket server dies, every person playing from the 
browser platform is disconnected.
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