Collin: Absolutely, keeping the WebSocket server running would be just
about as important as keeping the actual Netrek server running.

James: Thanks for the TCP and RSA clarifications.  Is there any
documentation on the Netrek protocol?  If not, I'll just read through the
source for the Linux COW client and use Wireshark to see it for myself.
 Actually, is there an easy way to turn off UDP in COW?  (Or in any other
major client; I'm flexible.) Since I won't be using UDP, I want monitor the
net traffic of TCP-only behavior.


On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 8:18 PM, James Cameron <quozl at> wrote:

> G'day Andrew,
> You need not be unduly concerned about the difference between UDP and
> TCP, since the extra hop of the WebSocket server will more than cover
> the difference.  Players will be at a slight disadvantage, but now that
> everybody has fibre to the home, it won't be a problem.  New players
> won't notice.  Old players won't want to change.  It's a non-issue.
> Don't let it stop you.
> You also need not be worried about RSA verification.  No server requires
> it.  The server source does not include RSA support.  Several clients
> already exist without RSA support.
> So go for it.  Looking forward to your first implementation.  You should
> post back here once you have something for people to test.
> --
> James Cameron
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