G'day Andrew,

Thanks for your work on the HTML5 client.  Progress looks good.

I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 with Firefox 16.0.2.  The most common problem I
have is that Quick Find appears whenever I try to press a key.

I think that one of the quickest features you might add would be
on-screen buttons for the keyboard operations, that would serve to act
as a learning tool and reminder for bindings.

Regarding tutorials.

When I am teaching the game to teenagers, once a year, I use a very
basic lesson plan, with some assistance from the Gytha client's
achievement list.

shows the achievements, and this ordering is close to what I use as a
speaking script, while my aids wander the classroom to check that the
players have heard the instruction and have done the achievement.

I also use a teaching lesson plan that can be found in the server
source, which gradually enables features on the server over a period
of fifteen minutes.


The Gytha client also saves the achievements in a file in the users'
home directories, so we're able to assess progress during the session.

Also, the server can provide a parallel rudimentary achievements
system using the MOTD tips packets.  You might want to check if you
can use that.


(I didn't get your netrek-dev@ posting, the archives show it is
present, but the spam traps must have got it.  I saw a forwarded copy
in netrek-forever@ )

James Cameron