Hi James, all,

I've added on-screen buttons/indicators, included some context-sensitive
ones (bomb, beam) for orbiting. Excellent suggestion -- it increases the
teaching value of the client a lot.

Regarding FF16 Quick Find, I don't see that behavior, but I added a
event.preventDefault() call in the keypress handler that should stop that
from happening.

I also added modest support for tractors and pressors, which requires you
to click on a target ship after you press the key.

The MOTD tips are a great idea; I'll turn them on. I've also added a "Quick
Start" guide that pops up when you press Tab. It contains introductory
controls and a desperately brief overall game overview. Feedback on
anything there would be most welcome.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll post again soon with my final (for
now) results.

G'day Andrew,

Thanks for your work on the HTML5 client.  Progress looks good.

I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 with Firefox 16.0.2.  The most common problem I
have is that Quick Find appears whenever I try to press a key.

I think that one of the quickest features you might add would be
on-screen buttons for the keyboard operations, that would serve to act
as a learning tool and reminder for bindings.

Regarding tutorials.

When I am teaching the game to teenagers, once a year, I use a very
basic lesson plan, with some assistance from the Gytha client's
achievement list.

shows the achievements, and this ordering is close to what I use as a
speaking script, while my aids wander the classroom to check that the
players have heard the instruction and have done the achievement.

I also use a teaching lesson plan that can be found in the server
source, which gradually enables features on the server over a period
of fifteen minutes.


The Gytha client also saves the achievements in a file in the users'
home directories, so we're able to assess progress during the session.

Also, the server can provide a parallel rudimentary achievements
system using the MOTD tips packets.  You might want to check if you
can use that.


(I didn't get your netrek-dev@ posting, the archives show it is
present, but the spam traps must have got it.  I saw a forwarded copy
in netrek-forever@ )

James Cameron
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