G'day Andrew,

I gave it another try just then.

Can you tell me how I can set up my own instance so that I can make
code changes?

I like the context sensitive buttons.

The Quick Find didn't stop happening, but the app did get the
keystrokes eventually.

I think the Quick Start guide should be more obvious.  Tab won't be
communicated easily.

On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 11:32:17PM -0500, Andrew Sillers wrote:
> Hi James, all,
> I've added on-screen buttons/indicators, included some context-sensitive ones
> (bomb, beam) for orbiting. Excellent suggestion -- it increases the teaching
> value of the client a lot.
> Regarding FF16 Quick Find, I don't see that behavior, but I added a
> event.preventDefault() call in the keypress handler that should stop that from
> happening.
> I also added modest support for tractors and pressors, which requires you to
> click on a target ship after you press the key.
> The MOTD tips are a great idea; I'll turn them on. I've also added a "Quick
> Start" guide that pops up when you press Tab. It contains introductory controls
> and a desperately brief overall game overview. Feedback on anything there would
> be most welcome.
> Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll post again soon with my final (for now)
> results.
> Andrew
> G'day Andrew,
> Thanks for your work on the HTML5 client.  Progress looks good.
> I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 with Firefox 16.0.2.  The most common problem I
> have is that Quick Find appears whenever I try to press a key.
> I think that one of the quickest features you might add would be
> on-screen buttons for the keyboard operations, that would serve to act
> as a learning tool and reminder for bindings.
> Regarding tutorials.
> When I am teaching the game to teenagers, once a year, I use a very
> basic lesson plan, with some assistance from the Gytha client's
> achievement list.
> http://james.tooraweenah.com/cgi-bin/darcsweb.cgi?r=gytha;a=headblob;f=/gytha/
> __init__.py#l5209
> shows the achievements, and this ordering is close to what I use as a
> speaking script, while my aids wander the classroom to check that the
> players have heard the instruction and have done the achievement.
> I also use a teaching lesson plan that can be found in the server
> source, which gradually enables features on the server over a period
> of fifteen minutes.
> http://james.tooraweenah.com/cgi-bin/darcsweb.cgi?r=netrek-server;a=headblob;f=
> /Vanilla/tools/teacher
> The Gytha client also saves the achievements in a file in the users'
> home directories, so we're able to assess progress during the session.
> Also, the server can provide a parallel rudimentary achievements
> system using the MOTD tips packets.  You might want to check if you
> can use that.
> --
> (I didn't get your netrek-dev@ posting, the archives show it is
> present, but the spam traps must have got it.  I saw a forwarded copy
> in netrek-forever@ )
> --
> James Cameron
> http://quozl.linux.org.au/

James Cameron