On Wed, May 06, 2015 at 09:45:03PM -0400, iggyvolz . wrote:
> So I tried to compile the netrek-client-cow from source.

Which source?  .tar.gz or darcs?

Here is a build after darcs get:

Your problem does not reproduce here.

> However, in Makefile, it specifically on line 81 references
> $(AUTOCONF), even though it is never set.  It also references
> $(MAKE) even though that is never set.  Should these both be set to
> which autoconf and which make, respectively?  For example, add
> before line 3:
> AUTOCONF=$(shell which autoconf)
> MAKE=$(shell which make)

No, these are unused, superfluous.  I can remove them.

> Setting these don't make the install go off without a hitch,
> though.  I'm still investigating those errors (specifically I'm
> getting "undefined macro: AM_PATH_SDL, AM_CONDITIONAL, and
> AM_GNU_GETTEXT" on running make for the [1] configure.in processing,
> then it can't find config.sub for ./configure) but I'll submit a
> separate bug report after I look into it some more, unless someone
> knows the cause just by a glance.

I don't see those problems.

> I'm on OS X Mavericks if that makes any difference, although it
> shouldn't.

You have an X server installed?

This code requires an X server, and GNU Autotools.

James Cameron